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Another installment of laughter is the best medicine


Billy: “Bonjour! See I speak Franch!”


Baden: “Mommy, are we here yet?”


As we were driving by the McDonald’s on base (it is currently being remodeled), Billy said I bet they are going to make it look like a fast food restaurant.  Hmmm…. you think?


After playing Baden’s favorite game of America’s Got Talent, he told me, “Sorry Mommy you are not going to Albuquerque.”  Now what do I do?

A conversation between Billy & Baden:

Billy: “Baden I thought you wanted to watch the Little Drummer Boy?”

Baden: “No, Billy. It has a mom in it. We can’t watch that.”


Billy’s response to what he did at school on the second day of school: “Same old, same old.”


Baden: “Billy, my birthday is coming. Not your birthday. My birthday!”

Billy: “Mommy, Baden said I’m his maid!”


Baden when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, “A human.”


After watching an episode of the Incredible Hulk series from the 1970s, Baden said “See I told you Hulk was a frog.”


Going out to dinner:

Billy: “Where are we going?”

Daddy: “Little  Anita’s.”

Billy: “Not Mexican food. Why do we always eat Mexican food? We are not Mexicans!”

Baden raising his hand: “I want to be a Mexican!”


The Best Halloween Ever!

This is what the boys proclaimed as we walked from house to house collecting treats.  Our Halloween started on Saturday at Zoo Boo.  The boys were dressed in their costumes ready to collect candy from the various vendors and play games.  They got some surprises, too.  Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers showed up along with some super heroes plus Beaker and a minion from Despicable Me.  The zoo was crowded, but it didn’t stop us from having a good time.  Then that same night, we headed up to the church for trunk or treat.  The kids had a blast going from trunk to trunk and seeing all of the costumes.  Then it was time for trick or treating. Since we live on base housing, the commander decided to have trick or treating on Sunday.  This was a tough one for us, but we ultimately decided it was okay.  We walked and walked and the boys were dragging their bags on the ground when we finally arrived back at our house.  So on the official day of Halloween, it was a nice break but we did stop in at IHOP for a scary pancake.  We had a lot of fun especially with Grandma Dunow and Alice here to share in the fun, too.

Getting the design ready for the pumpkin
Mr. Pumpkinhead
Darth Vader, Luigi and Obi Wan Kenobi
A gaggle of super heroes
Going into the enemy's camp
One of our favorite Muppets, Beaker!
Getting ready for the pumpkin race
Neck & neck
Catching up
A prairie dog nibbling on his treat for Halloween
Me & my favorite boys
Getting ready to trick or treat
Just being silly

Laughter is the best medicine

It’s been awhile since I have posted things that Billy and Baden say.  They certainly keep me laughing which is the best medicine.

Baden spelled his name B-I-D-E-T

I was combing Baden’s hair before church and Billy

said, “What do you want us to be fancy or something?”

After being moved to the higher reading class

Billy said, “Why do I have to be challenged?”

While making banana bread Baden told me chocolate

goes with everything, so we put chocolate chips in the batter.

Billy: “Are we going to see Megamind in 3D?

Daddy: “Yes.”

Billy: “Oh good because I am tired of seeing 2D.”

After pulling into the dentist office parking lot Baden said,

“Hey this isn’t Disney World!”

Billy was talking to Grandma Dunow on the phone

and she asked where Daddy was. Billy said,

“Daddy is selling popcorn because he is a boy scout

and a veteran.”

Mommy: “We need to go to Walmart and find a digital


Baden: “Yeah, a tiger!”

Baden is 3!

About two weeks ago, I told Baden his birthday was coming. He said ooh, cake. I said you want cake and he said Spongebob cake.  So for the past two weeks when asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said Spongebob cake. Well, Saturday rolled around and it was Baden’s big day. He turned 3!  The day he was born he was so tiny and had long, skinny legs.  He was beautiful.  Now he is the cutest thing ever and has chunky legs.  He runs everywhere. He makes us laugh. He follows Billy everywhere. He likes to do what Billy does. He loves his big brother.  For his birthday, we headed out to the Turquoise Trail.  We had lunch in Madrid (where the film Wild Hogs was filmed) and then to Cerrillos to the Turquoise Mine and Petting Zoo. Quite a combination.  We didn’t make it to the mine, but the petting zoo although small was fun. It’s always fun when there are goats.  We had fun feeding the goats and petting them.  Then it was back to the house for what else, Spongebob cake.  Baden loved opening his presents and of course eating cake.  Happy Birthday, Baden!

Feeding the goats
Petting the goats
A new Lego set from Bebe and Grandpa
Baden's new trike
The cake
Got what he wanted!

Conversations with the boys


Baden is becoming more and more vocal.  He has always said mama and dada, but he also copies whatever Billy says.  His favorite word right now is McDonald’s. If we drive past Walmart which has a McDonald’s inside then he will say McDonald’s.  It doesn’t matter if there are golden arches or not.  His favorite character is Melmo (Elmo).  We went to breakfast with my parents before they went home and Baden wanted some jelly on his french toast. He dropped some of it on the table and out came, “Oh, crap.”  I blame this one on Bill. :) He likes to hide and when calling his name, he won’t come out. He smiles really big when we find him especially since he was in the room the whole time.  It’s fun watching him learn something new every day.

Billy and I have some interesting conversations in the morning especially when waiting for the bus to arrive.  This morning while getting his socks on, he told me that feet don’t care which sock you put on.  It doesn’t matter to them.  I had never thought about this before.  Then he sneezed and got some flim on his hand.  I know, gross, but he said it was because of the cake he ate at school yesterday with lunch.  Ok.  I never thought I would hear him say “pizza again” when asked what is for lunch tomorrow.  He has elaborate plans on how he wants me to follow the buses of his friends so he can see where they live.  I think that is called stalking.  It has gotten chilly here in the East Mountains so no more shorts.  But for two days straight Billy insisted he was going to wear shorts. The first day I told him no and he went ahead and put jeans on.  Then the next day, he did it again.  I told him sorry, but he told me that he had to wear shorts because he had gym and you can’t skip in pants.   I have also learned what you can do when you are eight.  When you are eight you can get a job, be a Cub Scout, get your own food and drinks, not sit in a booster chair in the car, be baptized and be a big kid.

I think I need to keep a notebook close by so I can write down everything they say or do.  I guess a good blogger does that anyway. :)