Dreaming of the Olympics

I want to write but I have writer’s block. I am sitting here watching the Olympics and tears are in my eyes as I watched the Women’s Gymnastics team win gold.  How exciting for them.  I always wanted to be more athletic and be in the Olympics.  I would practice swimming at the pool every summer.  Of course, I am not a great swimmer so that was out.  I am not a gymnast so that was out. I can’t figure skate well I have never tried.  So my hopes of being an Olympian is probably not going to happen, but there is still hope. I saw an interview with Kim Rhode. She is a double trap and skeet shooter.  She is only 5 years younger than me.  Granted she has been in the Olympics 5 times and medaled each time. She also started shooting at a young age, but I am thinking I need to get out to range every chance I get to shoot.  I love target shooting. I don’t do it often enough.  Maybe this is my chance to live the dream that I have had since I was a little girl.  I am sure I can get my husband on board. He would love to spend more time at the range I am sure.  Now I just need sponsors.

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