Keeping my mouth shut … for now

My older brother and I have never shared the same views on things.  He lives in California and well he’s always been left of center. Well that’s the way I saw it.  We talked about politics on occasion and although we disagreed it was okay.  That all changed this past week.  I foolishly answered a question he asked that was political in nature.  I then followed up.  Big mistake.  Then a phone call that I should never have answered.  A shouting match and me hanging up the phone ended it all.  I felt terrible.  I didn’t get a word in during the phone call only to say stop it and hung up, but it was enough to make me feel horrible. I already have one brother that has nothing to do with me or anyone else in my family for that matter.  I was so afraid that I was losing this brother too.  And it would all be over politics.  I only speak to a very select number of people about politics.  I have written about my views on this blog often.  I am a news junkie and yes, I did watch the RNC.  But after this experience, which is still somewhat raw, I have decided to keep my opinions about about politics to myself.  I will not be talking or writing about them.  I will keep my opinions to myself until after election day.  After telling my brother he said you have to be true to who you are.  That is so true, so I will just keep my mouth shut… for now.

8 thoughts on “Keeping my mouth shut … for now”

  1. First, I’m sooooooooo sorrrrryyyy about the conflict between you and your brother I know it must hurt an extreme amount.

    That being said, I’ve been feeling that way to about not putting political things on my blog. My motivation for not doing it though was fear. Fear of repercution from not other people really, but the government which I feel has really overstepped its bounds.

    They and others like your brother have effectively scared us away from our free speech and our right to have our own opinions and be able to express them without fear.

    I understand you need a “stewing” period of time. But hopefully your brother will grow up and be a mature man and accept you as you are, or you can decide that you have rights and others cannot tread on them. I’m coming back around to that thought myself, after a long time of staying quiet.

    I LOVE YOUR OPINIONS!!! and even if I didn’t I’d still LOVE YOU!!!!

    Love you Jana! (even with your mouth shut!!)

  2. Not exactly how it happened but this is your blog and you should right about whatever you want to write about.

    Worry not about your independent brother and his views.

    Share what you want and maybe even need to share.

    I fully believe in FREEDOM. ANd you need to exercise it on YOUR blog. Write and share anything and everything you feel the desire to share. Without worrying about what those who may disagree with you think. Especially a family member.

  3. i think you should with hold judgements of those you don’t know.
    if you are afraid to speak don’t blame me or anyone else blame yourself.
    and for all the years of the previous administration the other side couldn’t speak.
    i am a veteran who fully supports the troops BUT i do not support the wars we have been in and when i said that out loud i was chastised and hit with vulparties about how i am a sad excuse and that i hate the troops.

    that Is not what i said.

    it is easy to sit in judgement without the whole story.
    state your opinion with facts and not judgements or name calling. stand up for what you believe in without tearing apart what others believe in. that is the freedom we all want to have but rarely want to extend to others who do not agree with us.

    i will say one thing if growing up means being someone who jumps to conclusions about someone else i don’t plan on doing it.

  4. I agree that Freedom of Speech is something we should treasure no matter what others think. We all have different opinions and should not be afraid to share them. Others should have open minds and not be critical of what is said. We all need to weigh the issues before making comments and getting excited then saying something that we may regret. I love your blog keep it going!! Be Fearless!!!

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