Trying to keep my mouth shut is hard

I can’t say that I haven’t talked about politics. I just haven’t talked to anyone except for two people well three.  Two of those people are my parents and the other is my husband.  I continue to read and watch.  But I think tonight after watching the worst debate format, the town hall debate, I have to say something.  The town hall debate has never been a good idea.  The questions asked sometimes are off the wall and oftentimes favor one candidate over the other. The moderator clearly showed her preference tonight.   The questions in tonight’s debate were decent.  Some of the questions were never answered that were asked.  The woman who asked about wages for women was greeted with an answer about employee insurance that provides birth control.  What does that have to do with wages?  Then the man that asked about security at the embassy in Libya never got his question answered. He asked why increased security was denied. The president couldn’t answer this question because he had no answer.  Then he claimed he said he called the killing of an ambassador and three others an act of terrorism. If you look at the transcript at the White House website (  you will find that the president says no act of terror, but he never refers to the attack in Libya as a terrorist act.  Then the ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, appeared on all of the Sunday morning talk shows and said it was not a terrorist act.  It was all because of a video on YouTube.  The video had been on the web since early summer by the way.  Then the president went on the David Letterman Show and the View and was asked if it was an act of terrorism and he would not say. He then mentioned six times in his speech to the United Nations that the cause of the attack was a video. He never referred to it as a terrorist act.  His standard answer was we are investigating.  The White House has lied to the American people.  The president said he is responsible, but he can’t answer anything about the attacks.  His Secretary of State said she is responsible.  So who is responsible?  Tonight’s debate only made me more angry about the lies we, the American people, are being fed from the White House on the economy and on foreign policy.  I am tired of the president not taking responsibility for anything he does.  It is always Congress’ fault.  But for the majority of his presidency the Congress was ran by the Democrats.  I think the president needs to have a talk with his old pal, Harry Reid, to get things moving.  I can truly say that I am disgusted and do not hold the current president in high esteem.  I am sure that is well known just by blog posts on this site.  When he was elected I was not thrilled, but I hoped that things would change.  They haven’t.  We are more divided than ever.  I will be spending a lot of time on my knees over the next few weeks.  Praying for this country and for a hopeful and bright future for all Americans.

4 thoughts on “Trying to keep my mouth shut is hard”

  1. I agree that many questions were not answered but it wasnt just one side it was both. Lies are flowing from both sides.
    If you believe Romney will make things better than you are just as wrong as believing that Obama is the sole reason of all the issues that face the country.
    Neither of these guys can make all the changes people think they can without the bozos on the hill.
    These are the guys who are impeding progress.

    I spend alot of time in prayer to but not praying for this country. As a follower of Christ I know that there is a bigger picture and my life will be what is because of me and my faith in God. My life is better now than it was a few years ago because of my faith and acceptance of Gods grace and love and left behind the stupidity of the political parties.

  2. I read the transcripts as well and watch the debates. I am tired of the people we now have in office especially those who are life long politicians. They forget about the people who they ae suppose to represent and just do things their own way. Democrates and Republicans are not working together for the betterment of our country. They are lining their own pockets with taxpayers money and doing anything about the economy. They get pensions that no one else gets plus free medical. Military people once retired only get a portion of their base pay and have to pay for their medical and they not the Congress or Senate put their lives on the line in many cases 24/7. Leaving their families with only short notice and no one can know where they are going in some instance. I am for putting everyone who is now in office on the street, making our government smaller and giving the people back their freedom that is being eroded away with the present administration.

  3. freedom began to erode with the Bush administration after 9-11 and it was bi-partisan
    this administration didn’t do anything to stop it…

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