A whole lot of musing going on

It has  been 4 months since my last post.  So much has been happening in my life and that of my family.  The biggest change for all of us is my husband’s retirement from the Air Force.  We have been preparing for this since he made the decision that it was time to retire. He served 24 years and was more often than not away from his family doing his job.  Now that he is retiring some people don’t get it. They look at him and our young boys and say how can you be retiring.  A military retirement is different than someone retiring from a civilian company or business.  A military retirement is the first half of a veteran’s life. Then they have to now go out into the civilian world.  It can be tough.  As part of my husband’s decision, we had to make decisions as a family. We felt that with the economy the way it is that maybe I should get a job.  Also I wanted to stay in New Mexico so Bill said if you want to stay get a job. Whether he was joking or not, I got a job.  Now we are here planting roots in the Land of Enchantment.  Some don’t understand that Bill is staying home with the boys.  I think it will be a time that the boys will always remember.  I will admit that it is hard sometimes for me to go to work because I want to stay home with the boys.  So as we change our roles up a bit, I believe in the long run it will be a good for all of us.  Maybe we will learn things like  patience, humility and cooperation that sometimes can be lacking.

I often wonder if maybe the ones that have been somewhat less than understanding are actually jealous.  Maybe they want to retire at 41 years of age.   But how many of them left at a moment’s notice and couldn’t tell their family where they were going, flew into war zones to deliver much needed supplies with the threat of being shot down and spending days on end away from their families.  I would venture to say not many.  I don’t know what this next chapter of our life will be, but if it has been anything like the last 18 years we will be just fine.

A different world

After being home for 8 years with my boys, I think I was somewhat insulated from the outside world.  Now I am smack dab in the middle at a college campus.  One of the things I have really noticed is that people really love their coffee.  I was at a job fair event, one of my co-workers asked me where the coffee was and I didn’t have a clue.  She looked at me like I was an alien.  She also looked really out of it.  After getting her coffee, she was her bubbly self. The transformation was amazing.  I had a meeting at the university and was asked if I wanted coffee or tea. Neither, I replied.  Another look of what is up with this chick.  I do admit that I do like Dr. Pepper.  I sometimes like it a little too much.  So I guess I can understand those coffee drinkers in my office.  I also realize that I am not in a conservative bastion so it takes a lot for me sometimes not to say anything.  I have seen more Obama 2012 stickers that I ever thought I would and I want to shout “Are you crazy?”.  Of course, I can’t so I don’t.  I would never vandalize, but I have always wanted to go into a parking lot with a Sharpie and write on those Obama 2012 stickers — CRAZY!!!  Of course, if I did this I would be arrested after the story hit the local news and there is  video surveillance of me in the act.  I like my office and everyone so far has been helpful and nice.  I hope this isn’t a honeymoon phase.  I am anxious to move out of the training stage.  It is taking longer than expected for me to have access to the key program that all advisors use.  It is frustrating, but I have hope this coming week it will happen.  I will be able to start seeing students with minimum guidance and get back into advising which I really enjoy.    I am glad that my office is pretty relaxed.  We all look professional, but we don’t scare the students.  We can wear jeans any day of the week which is cool.  I remember when it was special to be able to wear jeans on Fridays.  I am thankful to be able to wear jeans because that is my wardrobe.  I did have fun shopping for “work” clothes, but I still love my jeans.    I am excited about this new path that I am on along with my husband and boys.  We are all on a learning curve, but slowly we will get it together.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my mom will be in town for the next two weeks.  I am not sure if she will be able to leave or if I will let her.  Only time will tell.

Riddle me this…

South Carolina primary voters give Newt Gingrich a win.  This is the man that has been married three times and had two affairs.  Did they forget about their own disgraced governor, Mark Sanford, who had an affair and made the state officials and its citizens embarrassed by his actions?  I didn’t watch the Nightline interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife #2.  I didn’t have to. It was all over the news before it ran.  She was not sad, but angry.  Did this style hurt her and help him?  People don’t like revengeful women, well unless you watch the popular ABC show, Revenge, but other than that women are not to complain.  I do wonder why Marianne Gingrich would be surprised that her then husband was having an affair.  He had an affair with her while married to his 1st wife, his high school geometry teacher and 7 years older than him. Isn’t there a saying that goes once a cheater, always a cheater?  I do know one thing and that is Newt Gingrich should be sending Nightline and Marianne Gingrich roses.  They certainly deserve a thank you for his win on Saturday night.  Gingrich is explosive. He is  a good debater. He knows his stuff. He was a history professor after all.  After winning South Carolina he is flying high to Florida.  It certainly keeps us news junkies yammering for more.  Ultimately it comes down to one thing, who can beat Obama?  Right now, I honestly don’t know.  Will it be Gingrich with his in your face style and two brainwashed daughters? Romney with his I know business and I can get this country moving again but don’t ask me about how I make my money because I don’t know? Santorum, who even for me is too conservative, who plans to stay in right to the bitter end? Or Ron Paul who has nothing better to do then run for president?   If I had to bet, I might place money on all four.  This is going to be one heck of a ride.

Looking up

Man, my last post was kind of a bummer.  That is no way to celebrate 100 posts.  Things are looking up.  It’s January and so far so good.  So far we’ve had a birthday and a baptism.  Now that is certainly the way to start off the year. Another great way to start off the year is to read the scriptures.  My family is reading the Book of Mormon this year.  We have been reading a chapter or so a day.  With an 8 year old and a 4 year old, we stop a lot and ask questions. We also use the Scripture Stories DVDs that are an excellent resource to help them understand better. They aren’t fancy, but they sure make things clearer for the boys.  We also started having more consistent family prayer.  It is funny that simple things like scripture study and family prayer can bring such a difference to our home.  The boys still argue sometimes, but they are more apt to help one another.  I don’t feel so stressed out.  Well sometimes, I do, but it’s my own doing.  I know that we all must face trials.  I look back and I have faced some big ones.  I have always come out maybe a little weary, but always for the better.  I know this year will bring its share of trials, but with faith there is nothing I can’t do.

Another year and a new one to begin

I am officially at 100 posts! Who knew I had so much to rant and muse about.  As 2011 is another year gone by,  I have been thinking a lot about the year that was.  I probably say this every year, but it seems like this year really zoomed by.  It seems the overall sentiment for 2011 is so long and don’t bother writing.  It wasn’t a great year.  Mother Nature had a lot to say. Earthquakes on the East Coast and in Oklahoma, a killer tsunami in Japan, fires, extreme drought and flooding.  The presidential race started to heat up.  I know which way I want it to go, but I am sure how it will end.  Occupiers, countries collapsing and no jobs seemed to be a theme for 2011. No wonder people just wanted to stay in bed.  I know I did.  Personally, we had a missionary go out into the mission field.  We are so proud of her and her decision to do something that most 20 years old don’t even think about – share the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We moved.  It was a tough one, but it wasn’t far and we have adjusted.  There has been some heartache, but nothing that can’t be cured.  I am hopeful this new year of 2012.  There will be changes for us, one of which will be huge, but we have faith.  Faith is something you have to have, I think, in order to survive.  Many may disagree, but I know my faith has gotten me through and it will continue in 2012.  I leave you with a verse by William Arthur Ward –

“Another fresh new year is here . . .

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt, and fear,

To love and laugh and give!


This bright new year is given me

To live each day with zest . . .

To daily grow and try to be

My highest and my best!


I have the opportunity

Once more to right some wrongs,

To pray for peace, to plant a tree,

And sing more joyful songs!”

Happy New Year!

A note on Herman Cain

So right there on the blog postings is Something isn’t right.  It keeps staring at me as if to say I told you so.  Yes, Herman Cain has put his presidential bid on hold.  I don’t think he will probably resume his bid either.  I still think there is something fishy about all of the allegations that were directed at Cain.  He may have made it through Iowa, but after that he probably would have ended up getting out of the race.   It is amazing all the hullabaloo and then the guy steps away and we don’t hear another word.  If I was a conspiracy theorist, I make think there is more to it.  Was the media out to get him?  Who knows, but I stand by my earlier post.

Something isn’t right

Okay so now I will write about Herman Cain.  I am not a Herman Cain supporter.  I think he has some interesting ideas, however, I am not supporting any of the candidates as of yet. I also believe that sexual harassment is  wrong and is not to be tolerated. The allegations that have surfaced over the past week alleging Mr. Cain sexually harassed three women while head of the National Restaurant Association are serious.  Politico broke the story, but there were no names to the sources.  It seemed a little fishy to me.  Then the lawyer of one the women that received a “settlement” was planning on talking but now won’t.  Again seems fishy.  Then the National Restaurant Association releases this statement:

Based upon the information currently available, we can confirm that more than a decade ago, in July 1999, Mr. Bennett’s client filed a formal internal complaint, in accordance with the Association’s existing policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment,” the NRA said, according to National Journal. “Mr. Herman Cain disputed the allegations in the complaint. The Association and Mr. Bennett’s client subsequently entered into an agreement to resolve the matter, without any admission of liability. Mr. Cain was not a party to that agreement.”

It seems as though Mr. Cain is off the hook. The National Restaurant and the alleged victim made an agreement.  Mr. Cain did not.  Now out trots Gloria Allred and a new woman that says she, too, was sexually harassed.  When I heard on the radio that she was a client of Gloria Allred all credibility was lost.  I wonder where Ms. Allred finds these women.  Does she put an ad in the paper? Does she have  a room of full of women that wait around until the next big scandal and say oh and by the way I was a victim, too.  The new accuser, Sharon Bialeck, had no problems reading a statement in front of the cameras.  As I watched this on the news, I thought if this happened to her why does she need to read a statement.  She stumbled over words and got teary eyed in the right places.  It just screamed phony.  Googling Sharon Bialeck will tell you that she has filed bankruptcy 2 times and has been a job hopper.  Now does that mean that her allegations are automatically false? If course not.  Why is she coming forward now?  The alleged incident happened in 1996 and Herman Cain ran for the Senate in Georgia in 2004.  Where was she then?  It doesn’t add up.  There is more to this story.   Why would anyone put themselves in a position of running for public office if they knew these types of allegations could potentially come out?  Again it doesn’t add up.  If he did do it, why not come out and tell the truth?  Honesty is after all the best policy.  But day after day, Mr. Cain says this isn’t true.  So who are we to believe or should we even care.

I could, but I won’t

I could write about Herman Cain and the scandal that is brewing and keeping MSNBC happy. I could talk about the Occupy Wall Street protests and the protestors that don’t seem to know what they want.  I could write about it’s getting cold here and how excited I am to go to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.  But I won’t.  I want to share a side I haven’t yet.  I have a friend that has a blog called Tales of a Trophy Wife ( www.trophyw.blogspot.com).

She is very crafty and has been featured on many different craft blogs. She has the neatest ideas and she’s really good with a needle and thread.  I have to admit it makes a little green with envy. I wish I could be so good with a sewing machine.  She has inspired me so I thought I would share some of my creations I have made.  Thanks, Tara. You have inspired me to be more crafty. :)

The thank you card I made for those that supported me in the Crohn's Take Steps, Be Heard Walk
Dinner & a book - fun family home evening
Fun wedding card for a couple that just got married
Eyeball cupcakes for cake walk at this year's fall festival


Standing up for what you believe

I have been reading, listening and watching the new distraction in the Republican race for the presidency — Mormons are a cult.  There are so many more things that the Republican candidates need to be worried about and it certainly does not include whether two of their potential candidates are members of a cult.   Being a member of the The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, I have heard this term slung around.  I never pay much attention because I know better.  I know what and who I believe in.  The thing I don’t understand is why there are those out there that still believe this.  Just go look at any LDS chapel and the words Jesus Christ are right on the building.  Do people think it’s a front for something else?  I am beginning to think so.  Being from a small town in Southwestern Oklahoma,  we knew what was going on in some of the churches in town.  Instead of saying anything, we just kept doing what we always did and that was be  good citizens of our small town.  There is an organization in town called Church Women United.  This organization meets twice a year and holds luncheons with speakers in different churches in town.  I am pleased that the LDS Church has been host many times and will host once again in November.  My mom is the treasurer for this organization.  She said it was really neat to see the faces of the women come into the church and see all of the pictures of Christ adorning the walls.  She said it was like a light bulb went off in their heads.  These are the type of experiences we need to be making.  Mormons do not need to address those who use names that are negative.  The pastor that started this whole thing may wish he hadn’t.  He has started a firestorm of people wanting to know what LDS believe.  It is also heartening to see the many positive columns and comments made about this whole distraction.  I really don’t care what church someone attends.  I really believe that this world would be a much better place if we all stood up for what we believe in, show compassion and service to our fellow man and love those around us.

If you want to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go to http://www.mormon.org 


What Would You Do Update

As I was laying in my bed suffering from a terrible case of strep throat, the executive director called me.  He told me he was truly sorry for his words.  He tried to explain what he meant, but I didn’t really believe it.  However, he did call me and did apologize so for that I am glad.  Being an executive director of a non profit organization has to be a slippery slope.  So many people from all different backgrounds and one comment where foot is inserted into mouth and bam that’s it.  Of course, he didn’t lose his job and that was not my intention.  I just wanted to bring it to the attention of the organization and hopefully to his.  That was accomplished.  Being involved in organizations that can potentially help people, find a cure for an awful disease like Crohn’s and getting the word out about the disease is empowering.  I could have very well written off this experience and never thought about CCFA again, however, I want to help because I am a sufferer of Crohn’s.  It doesn’t define me, but it certainly is a part of the puzzle that is me.  I hope this never happens, however, next time I want to able to make that snappy comeback and move on.

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